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The Essence of a Woman Defined in Her Enchanting Smell

She passed by you five minutes ago and yet all you can seem to remember about this unknown person is that she smelled really great and your memory of the episode reverts back to that fragrance.

What is it about the enchanting smell of a woman that turns so many heads and not just men, but also women? I think it is due to the fact that such enchanting smells not only smell good, but radiates throughout a room or in open air and alters the feel and mood of your environment. This change in mood and feeling results in a lot of things as it travels through your body via your nasal passage triggering good thoughts thus making you feel really good at that moment.

Think about those moments when you were talking with friends at a social event and all of a sudden you got this breeze of fresh air that was complimented with the most incredible fragrance you have ever encountered and as you paused to pinpoint its location, you see this beautiful woman. However, your first reaction is not focused on her beauty, but that incredible scent of heaven that has just invaded your space and of course you don't mind it as it  takes you to a beautiful place in your mind.

Better yet, think about that first date when you went to pick up your potential new love and you complimented her on how great she looked, but in addition, in your mind you were also complimenting her on how fantastic she smelled, but face it, not all men can express themselves or feel comfortable saying to a woman that they smell great on a first date unless he is a hopeless romantic who is in tune with his sensitivity. As the night dragged on you got use to her being beautiful, but her scent continued to linger in your nose as if it was being introduced for the first time over and over like a rerun movie.

The most fascinating experience about enchanting smells or fragrances are the reality that they also carry sentimental value as they never fade from your life completely, but are forever kept in your memory bank until revitalized by an episode in which you are reintroduced to a fragrance that had a significant affect in your life also called your happy moment. Whether it was introduced while in the presence of a first love, wife, mother, grandmother, or teacher, the bottom-line is that the experience will forever be a part of your life because it occurred during a moment when you paid attention and your mood was changed as a result of that experience.