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Number 2 Large Pink and Chocolate Python Lady Dior Bag

Here I am going to present this Large Pink and Chocolate Python Lady Dior Bag to you. I have no idea whose creation the bag is, but it is truly original. As is wildly recognized that the Lady Dior bag is the most elegant one, and the python leather is the most wildly charming one. Previously I thought that a bag can only be either elegant or wild, but now I believe that it can be both, and it is Dior bag that controls the two elements harmoniously. Mister Dior surely knows how to combine the two strongly opposite fashion flairs.

Python skin is not new to Dior bag. Actually this pink and chocolate one was born with the companionship of many other similar ones, like the shiny gold natural python one, the pink and chocolate-brown one and the grey and silver python skin bag. Each bag is as glamorous as you can imagine, but the pink and chocolate one adds a kind of gentleness to soften its perforated wildness. Personally I think it more suitable for elegant lady.

This bag details for 3,505 sterling pounds, which is a little bit hefty for a single bag, but you can expect it to be timeless for years to come. This bi-colored hand painted pink and chocolate python bag measures 24cm in length, 20 cm in height and 11cm in width. It has the legendary four silver plated letters "Dior" hanging on one handle and a zipped interior pocket. It is a brand new reinterpretation of the most veritable icon bag of the house-Lady Dior, which owns its name to Princess Diana.