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How to Write Engaging Product Descriptions for "Cyber Monday"

The holiday season comes around quickly each year and shoppers are bombarded by a sea of products. From beauty supplies to toys, the selection of gifts for friends and family seem to have no end. So how do retailers make their products stand out from the competition?

Retailers with sales-generating product descriptions in their online-store catalogs have a "leg up" on competition. Online catalog descriptions that are engaging, clear, and hit the reader's emotional hot buttons will compel the reader to act, in other words, buy your product. The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday for retail "brick and mortar stores" and Cyber Monday belongs to the e-commerce stores. Make sure your product descriptions have consumers saying, "I gotta have that!"

E-commerce stores saw a whopping $1 billion in sales during last year's "Cyber Monday," surpassing the total sales for that day in 2009. The 2011 Cyber Monday falls on November 28 and retail owners need to be prepared to get a piece of that billion-dollar pie. Whether a business has a few items to sell or thousands, e-commerce business owners can create online descriptions that gain the consumer's trust and emotional buy-in.

When creating e-commerce descriptions, look at them from the consumer's perspective. Do your product descriptions sound like a dry owner's manual, or worse...there aren't any descriptions at all - just an image and an "order here" button? Are your catalog descriptions SEO friendly? For example, when consumers search online for a product, do your descriptions have the right keywords or phrases in them to be found by search engines. If not, you could have the greatest product in the world, but no one will ever know!

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when creating and writing product descriptions that will engage the consumer and generate sales.

Create an experience for the consumer

Make a "play" on words to create catchy descriptions

Make every word count so you don't waste the customer's time

Appeal to emotion

Choose words to help customers see, hear, taste, smell or feel the product

Research the keywords associated with your industry through resources such as Google AdWords/Keyword tool

Catalog and e-commerce (online) product descriptions must capture the consumer's attention and then ultimately get them to buy the product. Descriptions are written for the customer keeping SEO techniques in mind. The SEO keywords and phrases can have your products popping up on the first few pages in a Google, Bing, or Yahoo search. Are you ready for the 2011 holiday season?