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How To Establish The Entrepreneur Mindset Through Success Coachi

I love entrepreneurs. In a lot of ways, they may be the most impressive people in any given walk of society. While it is easy to laud the more prolific professions--athletes, musicians, actors and artists to name a few--there is something magnetic, if not inspiring, about how entrepreneurs perform in their business and life.

Indeed we can learn much from the astounding performances of those lauded professionals of sport and culture, however let's take a deeper look into what it means to think like and entrepreneur.

As a success coach, I have the privilege of working with people who are focused and committed to pursuing their life's purpose: their MISSION. These are the entrepreneurs and creatives, the innovators and difference-makers. They tend to be big thinkers. They are leaders. And they are very certain about one thing: They are not content to toil long hours in dead end careers or pursuits that bring them little or no satisfaction.

They typically possess an inner drive that both inspires and defies the typical person's work ethic and self-disciple. Entrepreneurs tend to have a healthy obsession with their pursuits, and rarely see what they do as "work". Instead, they see it as a calling; something they were born to do.

These are what I like to refer to as "High-Altitude People". Their inner drive comes from a desire to achieve all they can in the limited time they have on Earth, and often they do it for a higher purpose than simply personal gain.

So what sets the High-Altitude folks apart from everyone else?

First, they have a clear vision of what they what for their life and a solid plan for how to achieve it. Being clear and concise in your goals is a fantastic start, however it takes a solid plan in order for any goal to have a chance.

Second, they are action-takers. Clear vision and solid strategy are useless without implementation, and high-achievers anchor their vision with daily, deliberate action which is commensurate with the level of their goals and dreams.

And third--and perhaps most important--these people are not afraid to fail. They see the value in failure, not for failure's sake; but for the gold in the lessons learned from envisioning success, creating a plan to achieve it, jumping into inspired yet imperfect action. The true value comes from learning and tweaking their approach every step of the way.

The most successful, fulfilled and impressive entrepreneurs of every industry use this formula in pursuing their life's mission. And we can all gain a great deal from learning how to think like an entrepreneur.