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Bridezillas Are Not Beautiful

I am addressing the real problem of bridezillas. For anyone not aware of this phenomena, I will define the term. A "bridezilla," is a bride, whose behavior is abusive, angry, hysterical, overwrought, offensive, paranoid and delusional, or even violent, in time of planning or during her wedding. In my experience, as a Maui wedding planner, I have noticed that this unfortunate condition is becoming more common. I have heard speculation that the popularity of TV shows, such as the "Bridezillas" reality shows, are actually normalizing and encouraging the prevalence of bridezilla behavior.

So, engaged ladies, I give you some reasons, here, to not allow yourselves to indulge in bridezilla-ness.


1) Hinder the success of their own wedding. Their rude, impulsive, aggressive behaviors alienate and confuse wedding planners, dress designers, caterers, site providers, florists, etc. While professionals will try to do their best, anyway, hysterical harassment provokes attacks of post traumatic stress disorder. Do you want your seamstress to be shaking and crying while she snips and pins your wedding dress? Do you want your catering staff to hide in the bathroom when they see you coming?

2) Are ugly. Unfortunately, anger and fear cause sleepless nights, compulsive eating and other conditions, which result in black circles under eyes, puffy skin, blemishes, weight problems, bloating and other unattractive symptoms. Is it worth it? Bridezillas are not attractive.

3) Alienate their own family and friends. You might think they will forgive you and just have to put up with you, but that is not always true. Bridezillas are not cute. They tend to resemble the Seawitch in the "The Little Mermaid" animated movie.

4) Worst of all - Bridezillas turn off grooms. I have seen prolonged, intense bridezilla behavior lead to the groom calling the whole thing off.

So, brides, it's worth the effort to be nice.